PHL-17 PSA Partnership

Break out your smartphones because here's your chance to sparkle on screen! We're thrilled to announce our partnership with PHL-17 for a special PSA (Public Service Announcement) challenge. Craft a 30-second video showcasing your organization's mission and impact for a chance to be featured on air. Videos will be submitted to the Foundation, who will then select ten "finalist" videos to air on PHL-17. The PHL-17 weekday morning news will air one finalist video per day starting on April 15. Viewers will be encouraged to vote on the PHL-17 website for their "favorite" PSA out of the ten finalists. Then, on May 6th, the winning PSA will be shown, and the organization will be interviewed during the PHL-17 morning news.

The PSA should promote your nonprofit organization and should not include a mention of Delco Gives Day so it can air throughout the year. PHL-17 may also post all of the PSAs submitted on their website after Delco Gives Day. 

Videos must be submitted by April 5.

To submit your 30-second video, send an email to Laura Sindoni ( with the following information:

Organization Name

Contact Name

Contact Phone Number

Contact Email

Drop your video file directly into this Google Drive folder. In your email, let us know if it has been successfully uploaded.


-Ensure your video matches the specifications outlined in this document and do not attempt to send the video file as an attachment.

-Videos should NOT mention Delco Gives (we want them to be evergreen for you) and do not need to include music (PHL-17 will add in the music).

-Please ensure you have releases for anyone appearing in your PSA. Here is the release for adults and the release for minors.

If you encounter any difficulties with this process, feel free to reach out to Lindsay ( for assistance.

PSA Office Hours Support

If you are working on your PSA but feel stuck and need a little bit of guidance, join us for our PSA Office Hours on Monday, March 25. Our communications manager, Lindsay, can answer a few of your questions either virtually from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (see zoom info below), or in person from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. at the Foundation’s Media office. We may not be familiar with the specific editing software you may be using, but we can offer guidance, tips, and alternative resources to help you create a great PSA. 

Zoom Office Hours Link


*If visiting in person, please bring your own laptop with the project files you are working on.

Training Session

Thank you to everyone who participated in the PHL17 “Production 101” learning session. Below are some tips we gathered from the session: 

Free or cheap programs in which to edit your video: 



Adobe Rush


-Use something as simple as your iPhone

-Don't backlight, make sure light is coming from the front

-Ensure the camera is turned sideways/landscape


-Don't let your audio get too loud (modulate), if you are using an editing program that shows the audio levels, make sure you stay in the green zone. If it is in the red zone, turn it down at that part. 

-Don't use music, PHL17 will add that if you tell them the mood you are going for so that they can ensure whatever is used is rights-cleared


-You can use graphics throughout. 

-Some people put the website or name of the organization or logo on the bottom throughout the spot

-Maybe use "lower thirds" graphics on the lower part of the screen to identify a person or place.

-Maybe use a QR code

-Make sure titles are "title safe" nothing too close to the edges or it will get cut off when broadcast

Script/Timing of PSA

-In the first 5-10 seconds, Hook the viewer. Maybe use a question.

-In the next 10-15 tell them the info you want them to know

-In the last 5-10 (this is what they will remember), do your 'call to action'

General Tips

-Make sure the length of the PSA is EXACTLY :30 otherwise it will be cut off. 

-Make it 'evergreen' promoting just your nonprofit, so you can use into the future (don't include promotion about Delco Gives Day)

-Think of who your audience is and what language you might use to reach them

-Ensure you have permission or a written waiver for anyone appearing in your PSA (different form for minors)

-Think of the emotion you are trying to make the audience feel, how will you get them to feel that? 

-Who in your organization would be good for a voiceover to represent your message?

-Be concise, too many words and people won't take it all in. 

-Get creative! If you can't show the people you are serving, can you represent what you do differently? 

-Use sounds to build your story

-Use graphics/ text on screen

-Use simple images or pictures

Here is a link to the 'Give Local York' PSA examples