Q. What is Delco Gives Day?

Delco Gives Day is a county-wide day of giving/community celebration that will be held on May 8-9, where people will make a donation to their favorite nonprofits (or find new ones) on the delcogives.org site. Each donation is eligible for bonus money provided by the Foundation and generous sponsors, and there will be cash prizes sponsored by local businesses given out throughout the day. Online activity will be accompanied by a number of celebrations held throughout the county, including a big closing celebration at Rose Tree Park and a livestream out of the Union Stadium on May 9th. 

Q. When is Delco Gives Day?

Delco Gives Day 2024 starts on May 8th at 7 PM and ends May 9th at 7 PM.

Q. What is GiveGab?

GiveGab, which is becoming Bonterra, is a nonprofit giving platform that helps nonprofits to raise money, engage donors and manage volunteers quickly and efficiently. GiveGab offers a full portfolio of simple and easy to use products that allows organizations to function in a more streamlined manner.

Q. Why is The Foundation for Delaware County hosting Delco Gives for local community benefit organizations (nonprofits)?

We are invested in bringing awareness to the community benefit organizations that make our community a vibrant place for us to live, work, and play. Community benefit organizations play a huge role in all our lives and as a community foundation, we are deeply dedicated to supporting the good work that they do. The aim of Delco Gives is to:

  • Raise the level of knowledge about community benefit organizations in our county and highlight their positive impact on our well-being.
  • Support the operating needs of community benefit organizations that serve Delaware County through a Stretch Pool and prizes made possible by our presenting sponsors and other community supporters.
  • Grow the base of engaged donors in Delaware County – bringing new donors to our community benefit organizations.
  • Spotlight the charitable trends in our community. Where are we giving? What are our community benefit organizations saying is vital and needed right now?
The Foundation is investing considerable money and staff time into making Delco Gives Day a success. We consider this initiative to be an important investment of our resources in support of our nonprofit partners and towards our mission; as such, we make no money off of this event. All funds raised are used to support the production of Delco Gives Day and to fund the bonus pool.

Learn more about The Foundation for Delaware County


Q. Which organizations can participate?

There are no restrictions for participation based on organization size or location; however, an organization’s work must serve residents of Delaware County, PA. Participants must be a

  • 501(c)3 Public Charity, including Section 509(a)(1), 509(a)(2), 509(a)(3) Type I & Type II
  • Operates under the fiscal sponsorship of an organization type listed above
  • War Veterans’ Organization under 501(c)19 & 501(c)23 with a 90% war veteran membership rating

Participants may not be a “private foundation” as defined in section 509(a) of the Code. Participants must file the Federal Form 990 annually.

Participating organizations attest that they do not discriminate against any individual or entity on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, economic status, disability status, or veteran status.

Q. Is there a Registration Fee?

Yes. A registration fee incentivizes participation in the day. Fees collected go towards the bonus pool and costs associated with the day. The fee is based on your organization’s annual operating budget. 

• Annual operating budget under $500k = $100 registration fee

• Annual operating budget $500k – 1mil = $150 registration fee

• Annual operating budget over $1 mil = $200 registration fee

Q. Why do I have to provide personally identifying information when registering my organization?

The following resource explains why GiveGab asks for this identifying information, and how it is handled once it is entered:

Why do you require personal information to enable donations?

Any information submitted via GiveGab’s secure forms, including driver's license information, is deleted as soon as the information is verified. GiveGab requires a driver’s license only to ensure the administrator is who s/he says they are. A driver’s license is also required if you wish to update your organization’s bank account information on GiveGab, much like opening a bank account. This is part of their standard process to verify identity. Finally, GiveGab forces HTTPS to ensure a secure connection whenever your organization’s administrator is on the GiveGab site, a donor is making a donation, or someone is just volunteering.

Q. What is the deadline to sign up for Delco Gives?

Because we are legally required to check the validity of 501(c)(3) status, review supporting documents, and provide time to set up your personalized donation page, the deadline for application to participate in Delco Gives is April 17, 2024. No exceptions.

Q. Who can donate?

Anyone may donate. Donations through the Delco Gives Day online portal to charitable nonprofit organizations are tax-deductible and cannot be refunded. Contributions may be made via credit and debit card only. Donations will be received and receipted by GiveGab.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum donation amounts per donor?

The minimum donation amount is $10 for a credit card donation and $100 for an ACH (automated clearing house) transfer. There is no maximum.

Q. How much of each donation goes to the nonprofit?

GiveGab retains a 3.5% campaign management fee from all donations. Credit Card processing fees are an additional 2.5% + $0.30 for all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Donors are given the option to cover the fees and if they choose this option, 100% of your online charitable gift will go to your organization. Offline Gifts: A 1% Fee will be collected on all offline donations. The funds raised by this fee will go directly into marketing and event production to make Delco Gives possible. Offline gifts will not incur any additional fees, including that from GiveGab or credit card processing. This 1% will be deducted from the organization’s Bonus Pool payout. All donations are final and cannot be refunded.

Q. Will my donors get a receipt for their donation and where will it come from?

Yes, a formal email tax acknowledgment from the event will be sent automatically as soon as the donation is made. The credit card statement will show a charge for each organization that the donor-supported. It will show the name of the organization that was donated to. For added convenience, donors who give to multiple organizations at the same time will be able to get a consolidated receipt! For offline gifts entered into the GiveGab platform, the donor will only receive an emailed receipt if you include their email address and select the option to send a receipt. You may issue a separate informal “thank you” (and we encourage it!) but must not issue the formal tax acknowledgment that references the donation amount. If your donor needs another copy of their email tax acknowledgment, you can resend it from your giving day dashboard.

Learn how to resend a receipt here.

Q. How will donations be distributed?

Each donation made to a participating nonprofit will be disbursed directly from GiveGab via direct deposit within 5-7 business days.

Q. When I check the box on GiveGab to declare state charitable solicitation registration compliance, what am I attesting to?

When you check the box you are attesting (defined as "declaring that something exists or is the case") that your organization is compliant with applicable state fundraising requirements in the states in which you may solicit donors using the GiveGab/Bonterra platform.

Q. Do you have additional resources to reference about state charitable solicitation registration?

Yes! Here is a resource to help you:

PA Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations.

Q. What are the expectations for organizations on the day of the event?

Participating organizations will be given tools to make the most of  Delco Gives Day - from digital assets to training to partnerships to have custom marketing collateral created, etc. Participating organizations are expected to follow the guidelines as stated. Ultimately Gives Day will be what you make of it!

Q. When can my organization promote the event?

We encourage heavy promotion through your Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, and mail campaigns to start about 4-6 weeks out from May 8th. Promotional vehicles used by participating organizations will be at the organization’s own expense. Promotions conducted by the Foundation will be heavy during the 30 days leading up to the event, with extensive media coverage in the week leading up to May 8th.

Q. Can my organization host a special event?

YES! Hosting an event is not mandatory, but welcome. If you decide to host an event, make sure that you add it to our calendar so everyone can know about it.

Q. How is a donor counted if that donor gives to multiple organizations?

If a donor gives to your organization and 4 others, that donor will be counted as a unique donor to each of those 5 organizations. If a donor gives 4 times to your organization, that donor will be counted as 1 unique donor for your organization.

Q. How can I ensure my organization receives its donations?

In order to receive your donations via ACH transfer, GiveGab requires a checking account eligible to receive ACH transfers and withdrawals. Your donations will be deposited within 5-7 business days on a daily rolling basis.
If your organization supplies the wrong type of bank account (such as a savings account), or the wrong account numbers, GiveGab will be in touch! After 30 days, if GiveGab hasn't heard from your organization, they will refund your gifts back to your donors.

Q. How do the Bonus Pool and Prizes work?

Bonus Pool Funds: The Bonus Pool is a bonus pool of funds that has been raised from Community Partners. This bonus allows you to leverage additional dollars when you donate during Delco Gives!

Bonus Pool funds will be shared by all participating nonprofits receiving donations during Delco Gives. The amount received will be proportional to each organization’s percentage of the total donors during the event. For example, if an organization has 2% of the total donors during Delco Gives Day, they will receive 2% of the available bonus funds.

Prizes: Throughout Delco Gives Day, prizes will be awarded according to criteria to be announced on the Delco Gives website. Some prizes are competitive, while others are awarded randomly. An organization can only win one prize in total.

Q. Can we encourage donations by giving away prizes or free gifts?

Unfortunately not. All donations made during Delco Gives Day must be 100% tax deductible.

Q. Can we count gifts of fair market value, i.e in-kind gifts, eligible?

No. We’d like to keep the focus on dollars donated to make giving as streamlined and easy as possible.

Q. What about offline gifts?

Offline gifts (checks, cash, or gifts made to your organization via methods outside of https://www.delcogives.org, for example, directly through your website, PayPal, Facebook, etc.) can count toward your Give Day total, so long as it is clear that the donation is intended to go towards Delco Gives Day (e.g., it is clear in the description of the event, there is a note in the check memo, etc.). Your organization may not save previous donations and enter them as offline gifts. If you are hosting an event, donations can be received before April 1, as long as the event is being held during the April 1 – May 9 window.

In order for an offline gift to count towards your Give Day total, you will have to input each gift individually into the delcogives.org platform as an offline donation April 1 - May 10. All offline gifts uploaded through the delcogives.org dashboard are subject to verification by the Foundation.

For complete information on offline gifts. 

Q. When will prizes winnings be distributed?

If your organization wins a prize, it will be mailed to you from The Foundation for Delaware County within a month after the prize has been announced.

If you're a nonprofit and want more information, please view our nonprofit training session here. Still have questions? Laura Sindoni is hosting Delco Gives Day “Office Hours” for nonprofits every Wednesday from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Join via the Zoom link or pop by in person to our office at 200 E. State Street, Suite 306, Media, PA.  


Q. Who will receive my contact information?

The organization(s) you choose to support will have access to your name and email address. This information is used solely to send thank you messages, provide the option to receive future notifications, and to notify you of future activities.

Q. Do I need to create an account with GiveGab?

No. You do not need to create an account to make a donation. The benefits of creating an account include having your tax receipts collected in one location, being able to track your donations, follow the charities you support, and engage in future volunteering and donations. Your tax receipt is emailed immediately upon processing your donation. To claim a donation as a deduction on U.S. taxes, you should retain the donation receipt as an official record.

Q. Can I make donations via a mobile device?

Yes! Simply visit delcogives.org on your mobile device.

Q. Can I pre-schedule a donation for Delco Gives Day?

You cannot pre-schedule your Delco Gives Day gift, but you may make a donation to a participating nonprofit before or after the Delco Gives Day. In order for your donation to be counted towards prize incentives awarded on Delco Gives Day it must be made between 7:00 pm on May 8, 2024 and 7:00 pm on May 9, 2024.

Q. What if my preferred organization is not listed?

Please send an email to info@delcofoundation.org to request that we contact your organization of choice.

Q. Can I give to more than one organization at a time?

The Gift Basket on Delco Gives is your very own 'shopping cart' - this allows you the opportunity to browse around the site and add gifts to your basket without needing to check out immediately. Then when you're ready to check out, you'll just enter your bank account information once and confirm your gifts.
You can add gifts to your basket in two ways:

  1. Head to your chosen organization's profile page and click on their basket icon (It's right next to their "Donate" button!). You'll see the gift added to your basket at the top, then continue browsing to another profile page to add an additional gift, or click the Gift Basket at the top to check out!
  2. Open the Gift Basket in the top navigation bar of Delco Gives, and search and add gifts to one or more organizations right within the basket feature. No need to search for their profile, if you already know who you want to give to!

Q. Why should I give through DelcoGives as opposed to giving directly to my favorite organizations?

Great question!

  1. Participating in Delco Gives provides nonprofits with even more dollars. The Foundation offers a bonus pool where nonprofit participants can earn additional money that amplifies your donation. Bonus funds are shared by all participating nonprofits receiving donations during Delco Gives. The amount received is proportional to each organization’s percentage of the total donors during the event. For example, if an organization has 2% of the total donors during Delco Gives, they will receive 2% of the available bonus funds. Nonprofits are also encouraged to seek a matching gift for their campaign. This gives them the opportunity to LEVERAGE donations during the day and incentivizes them to meet the match(s).
  2. Delco Gives exists to SUPPORT, equip, and serve the local nonprofit community through free workshops and tools and templates that can be used to fundraise year-round.
  3. COMMUNITY & FRIENDLY COMPETITION -Giving is contagious and by creating an entire event dedicated to supporting our local nonprofits, we can come together as a community and encourage our friends and family to give to the causes we love the most. With so many nonprofits to discover, there is a mission/cause that will speak to you!

Q. Does approval to participate in Delco Gives mean that The Foundation for Delaware County endorses each participating nonprofit’s mission and programs?

While the Foundation does verify the charitable status of every nonprofit that participates in Delco Gives Day, the Foundation does not screen or select organizations on the basis of their charitable purposes or their missions. Eligibility is based on providing services in our area and an organization’s current status as a recognized Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. Therefore, approval of an organization’s participation does not constitute an endorsement of the organization or its mission by the Foundation or any of our partners.

Each nonprofit page provides the organization’s mission, but not necessarily detailed information on all of its programs. For your additional research, each nonprofit’s page also includes a link to its website to provide you with more detailed information on the organization’s mission and use of its funds.